A Safer Bean

'Healthy' soybeans can replace oils with unsafe trans fats


Don Sandwell

This should be the kind of news that gets picked up and promoted worldwide! I am so proud of the fact that CAFNR is supporting this research into improving world nutrition. It is a shame that resistance to GMOs may make this a longer process but it is certainly a worthwhile one. Crop yield may be the defining characteristic of the success of this commercially but the nutritional advantages already make this an amazing advance in Plant Science. You Go, you Plant Science Tigers, (We can actually root for more than just sports!)

Dr. Karen Bangert

How incredibly exciting to have a heart safe soybean. I'm hopeful that these same plant scientists can improve the yield and market this bean all over the world. Way to go MIZZOU!

Ray Dobert, (Ph.D., '90)

Applaud the work described here, but found the headline in the email teaser very misleading. It read "MU researchers have found a way to create soybean oil without trans fats, which the U.S. Food and Drug Administration recently ruled as unsafe in food." A bit of fact finding would lead one to find that "soybean oil" (the kind you buy in the store as liquid vegetable oil) does not contain ANY trans-fats. However when soybean oil is hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated this process results in the formation of trans-fats. Hydrogenated soy oil is used in many frying and baking applications. And luckily for soybean producers, there are many options coming to the market for high oleic soybean oils which work great in frying and baking applications without being hydrogenated and thus do not contain trans fats. And also, FDA has merely PROPOSED to find that hydrogenated oils should not longer be considered to generally be safe. So keep up the good work MU plant scientists, and try to get your communication colleagues to do a better job!!


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