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CAFNR Commendations

A number of faculty members honored by Mizzou, UM System this spring

Finding Their Voice

Students point out ways to improve healthier eating options in their communities through photos, captions

Fuel For Thought

CAFNR researcher co-edits book on biomass, biofuels to help centralize knowledge on growing topic

Diving Deep Into Research

CAFNR Agricultural Research Centers showcase various research during Field Days

The Potential of Pennycress

Greenley Research Center seeing positives with pennycress

Taking in the Scenery

Steve Borgelt has developed a passion for train travel

Developing a Bond

First-ever MU Animal Sciences Youth Leadership Academy brings in 20 high school students

Faculty Achievement (more)

Tackling A Challenge

Jared Decker has received a grant for $2 million to study to cattle genetics

Student Success (more)

Graduates in Demand

Opportunities plentiful for graduates with degrees in food, agriculture, natural resources or the environment

Alumni Spotlight (more)

A Dream Fulfilled

Fara and Richard Maltsbarger are giving back to the school they love

History Series (more)

A Craving for Research

Endowment fund honors retired professor while also supporting food science graduate students

Upcoming Events (more)

As Heard on Insight: Protecting the Monarch

Thirteen MU Agricultural Research Centers will plant monarch waystations across Missouri

Committed to the Students

CeCe Leslie wins Excellence in Education Award

Summer Exploration

High school students have chance to gain college experience through CAFNR